Friday, November 19, 2010

First Day's Trading

The first day's trading is in the books and I am now back to post about the activity.    All in all the overall equity markets went sideways again today with the most major US indices finishing higher for the day.   From my standpoint the fact that volatility fell again today is actually a very good indicator for my type of trading.   

Here is a list of the trades that I put on today.    I will make a spreadsheet available later that you can open and read.
     HGSI - Long April $25 Calls, Short HGSI stock and short Dec $22 Puts
     HRBN - Long March $20 Calls, Short HRBN stock and short Dec $15 Puts
     OREX - Short Jan $7.50 Calls, Long OREX stock and long Dec $3 Puts
     REGN - Long Feb $27 Calls, Short REGN stock and short Dec $22.50 Puts

Most of the positions that I put on today were pretty safe bets, with all these names having some upcoming expected activity or announcement which will create price movements.   

Opening Account Value - $200,000
Commissions - ($429.22)
Profit/Loss - ($249.10)

Ending Account Value - $199,321.68


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